Team / History

Distillerie des Marigots is above all a family adventure! It began as a family project guided by a desire to enjoy a better quality of life, proximity to the sea and nature.

Behind this project is Joseph St-Denis Boulanger, a native of Caplan. A mechanical engineer by training, he left his job in Montreal in 2019 to live his dream of being an entrepreneur and… a distiller. He is the promoter behind the Distillerie des Marigots project, working in close collaboration with Laurie-Anne Cloutier, his partner and accomplice.

“We’re foodies, gourmets and terroir afficionados. We want to showcase what nature and local producers have to offer.”

Joseph St-Denis Boulanger President and master distiller

Joseph is a gatherer, hunter, fisherman and cook. When walking in the forest, he always finds something to taste, be it berries, mushrooms, leaves, flowers, buds or roots.

Laurie-Anne Cloutier Vice-president

Laurie-Anne is a passionate epicurean. When travelling, it is the local farmer’s roadside stand, the fresh sea urchin fisherman or the artisan cheese maker that catches her attention. For her, the distillery project is a response to the call of the Gaspé Peninsula, a love-at-first-sight attraction. She was also drawn to leave her hometown and settle here in 2019 because of her interest in agrotourism and her desire to connect with people.

Creation of the distillery

Distillerie des Marigots was established in 2019. In the fall of 2020, young entrepreneurs Joseph St-Denis Boulanger and Laurie-Anne Cloutier launched their first product at their seashore production facility: Récif, a gin redolent with the aromas of native and cultivated Gaspé Peninsula botanicals. From the very first tastings, it immediately won favour for its prized ingredients and their rich flavours that give it a distinctive character.

A whisky and other craft spirits in small batches will be elaborated by the distillery with the same concern for quality, refinement and rich flavours.

“We started distilling because we are bon vivants. In fact, we love this expression. It reminds us that to be alive is to enjoy what life offers us. There is nothing more pleasant for us than to gather around a good table to share a good glass and good conversation.”