Distillerie des Marigots is perched at the top of a cliff, in Caplan (Gaspésie), at an incredible site on Chaleur Bay. Housed in a meticulously designed timber building with large windows, it gives visitors the opportunity to see not only the production activities, but also the sea.

The design of the building and facilities has been thought out with the aim of welcoming visitors and providing them with an extraordinary experience. Our desire is to encourage discussion and offer a unique perspective on the production process and the creation of our spirits.

We offer on-site guided tours of our facilities (by reservation), a boutique and a tasting area.

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A Charentais-style copper alembic pot still

In our quest for the best flavours, the selection of the distillation equipment was extremely important. We ultimately opted for a Charentais-style alembic pot still – from the Charente region in France – traditionally used for the production of cognac.

This type of still is exceedingly rare in America. Not only is it made entirely of copper, but the source of heat for distillation is an open flame directly beneath the boiler, the lower part of the still, which contains the mixture to be distilled. The effect of an open flame brings even more richness and complexity to the distilled spirits. This equipment has proven itself for generations for its ability to extract a maximum of flavours.

“Producing refined, high-quality spirits is certainly the most important part of our business. Being in touch with visitors and sharing with them is just as exciting for us. So, we’ve created a meeting place for neighbours, tourists and friends to come and greet us, see what we do here and discuss our discoveries.”