Viridis – Project 003

Viridis offers a rich tasting experience and an aromatic signature inspired by the dedicated work of Gaspesian market gardeners.

Its nose presents scents of fresh earth and a rooty perfume. On the palate, one discovers a beautiful texture and its earthy character that manifests with hints of chocolate and root. A lovely creaminess makes the tasting enjoyable, supported by a prominent herbal sweetness, despite the absence of added sugar. Menthol and aniseed flavors accompany the notes of conifers. The finish lingers on the herbal and vegetal side of chlorophyll.

Like all the spirits in our exploratory series, it reflects our quest for creativity, authenticity, and new scents, all while remaining distinctly Gaspesian. Its evolving flavors transport us to a springtime field of cultivation while reminding us of the abundance of late summer harvests.

Enjoy it as a dry gin, on the rocks, or to elevate your cocktails, raising your glass to the Gaspesian growers.

44 % alc./vol.
500 ml

The Viridis gin is exclusively sold at the Distillery, in limited quantities.

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A local gin paying tribute to our local market gardeners

Viridis is meant as a tribute to the market gardeners, to those who dedicate their lives to the land, cultivating the vegetables that feed us and the herbs that make up our spirits. It takes its name from the Viridis Gardens in Maria, the vegetable farm of our friend Luc and his partner Éric, who supply some of our precious herbs.

Viridis is a gin deeply rooted in the land that nourishes us. It is filled with ingredients you have never tasted before, such as wild carrot flower, cedar root, and valerian flower, all harvested from the forests and fields of Gaspésie.