Récif, seaside-aged gin

For each batch of Récif, we divert a few litres to meticulously selected barrels to produce our seaside-aged gin. In the shadow of our Charentais still, the barrels wait patiently, quietly releasing their fragrance into the air.

Oak-barrel ageing adds an extra dimension to our Récif gin, which is made from 14 native and locally grown herbs and has won many awards for its character, its taste of the land and its boldness. The amber hue hints at its woody notes, which add to its remarkable, complex and surprising character.

When you savour our gin, aged in premium barrels, you will appreciate the artisanal know-how of our master distiller and the flavours of the Gaspé Peninsula enhanced by time and the influence of oak.

43,7 % alc./vol.
750 ml





Récif aged gin is sold at the distillery and at SAQ.

A unique spirit in every batch

Each batch of our aged gin is as unique as the barrel in which it was held for months. Some is aged in new barrels, some in barrels soaked in whiskey, port or even maple syrup, but all are united by the authenticity of our explorations and the special attention paid to each barrel by our artisans.

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