Prélude – Project 001

Prélude gin is the first of an exploratory series crafted by Distillerie des Marigots.

Master Distiller Joseph St-Denis Boulanger was inspired to create this particular recipe while he was designing his Récif gin. As he was experimenting with the aromatics and their pairings, he came across an interesting aromatic profile using 7 of the 14 aromatics used to create Récif. The result is a completely different flavour signature. Excited by this discovery, Joseph decided to produce this gin in a limited edition.

Redolent of grapefruit, Prélude is a fresh, lively gin with a hint of anise, notes of conifer and a floral finish.

Distilled with the sound of the surf in the background, it showcases the flavours of the Gaspé terroir, thanks to herbs picked locally and produced by the region’s artisans.

44 % alc./vol.
750 ml

Prelude gin is sold exclusively at the Distillery, in limited quantities.

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Prelude to a new life

Prélude owes its name to the process of creating Récif. The label is also a nod to the early days of Distillerie des Marigots and the return to the land of Joseph, a Gaspesian by birth, and his wife and business partner, Laurie-Anne. The image calls to mind a landmark trip by Westfalia to the Gaspé coast, the moment when the founders decided to embark on this great adventure.

In a way, Prélude symbolises the past, the origin of the first spirit crafted by Distillerie des Marigots, and the future, Joseph’s desire to experiment with the flavours and perfumes of the Gaspé.

Westfalia en Gaspésie
Prélude, gin éphémère