Orée – Project 002

Orée gin features a unique and unexpected ingredient: the bark of the pin cherry tree. Joseph, our master distiller, harvested branches of this small tree common to the Gaspé Peninsula in the spring of 2021 and then used the cambium, the living part of the wood where the sap circulates. Maceration of this bark in our Récif gin gives it a golden hue and transforms its flavour profile.

Orée is an Old Tom gin that can be enjoyed like a whisky or a fruit brandy. To the nose and palate, it offers notes of fresh wood, burnt sugar, vanilla, cherry and candied plum. On the palate, it reveals a honeyed side accompanied by a minty freshness and the slight resinous bitterness of juniper berries. The warm, peppery spices typical of our Récif gin emerge in the finish.

43,7 % alc./vol.
500 ml

Orée gin is sold exclusively at the Distillery, in limited quantities.

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A unique ingredient

The pin cherry grows at the forest edge (orée), hence the name of our gin, which celebrates it. The second product in our exploratory series, Orée is the first Québec spirit to use pin cherry bark in its production, and a fine example of our desire to build on the bounty of the boreal forest.