Charme de rhubarbe

The first edition of the series, Charme de rhubarbe is a gin liqueur featuring delicate notes of rhubarb and honey.

Its lovely pink hue comes from the maceration of rhubarb pulp in our Récif gin, a beautiful and delicious spirit combining the sweetness of honey with the refreshing acidity of rhubarb. Serve as a cocktail or after-dinner drink.

25 % alc./vol.
500 ml

Sold exclusively at the Distillery, in limited quantities, while supplies last.

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Local flavors and circular economy

Charme de rhubarbe uses the pulp resulting from the production of rhubarb wine at Ferme Bourdages Tradition in St-Siméon and Gaspesian honey from Apis Lacris, a beekeeper, to offer you a fully local fruit liqueur.